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Leena Klammer who used Esther Coleman's alias in the United States was a 33 year old woman who was Orphan's main antagonist. She murdered several people including the families who adopted her. She was highly intelligent, highly manipulative and she was superficially charming when she was needed, but she lacked either remorse or a conscience. She could easily induce fear, empathy and admiration as it was shown during her first interaction with the Colemans whenever it suited her ambitions. She had extreme talent in music and art and she was able to learn how to use the languages quickly. Leena's choice for her American alias of the name, "Esther" which alluded to the Biblical figure who was once an orphan and she became Persia's Queen, her multiple mentions of Heaven and carrying her male victims' pictures around inside an old Bible suggested that she was somewhat influenced by the Judeo-Christian concepts, but clearly not on the moral levels.[]

Leena suffered from a pituitary disorder that caused her to be a proportional dwarf. Because she was physically not quite a grown woman and chronologically not a child, it was difficult for her to have an adult relationship with a "Normal" man which was one of the things that she yearned for.


Leena was born in Estonia and she was diagnosed with hypopituitarism at infancy which was a disease that blocked her physical growth and it made her appear like a child when she was an adult. Leena was sexually abused by her father from infancy which rendered her permanently reproductively sterile. But because this unnatural relationship was all of what she knew, it caused further difficulties in her search for a healthy relationship with a normal man. When her father took a new sexual partner on, he informed Leena that it was because she would "Never be a real woman." This pushed the brokenhearted Leena into insanity and she killed her father and his girlfriend. She was caught and she was placed in the Saarne Institute which was an Estonian mental hospital.

Leena was one of the Saarne's most violent patients by forcing the staff to keep her in a straightjacket which she was constantly fighting to escape from. As she was struggling against her restraints, it caused the scars that are on her wrists and neck. To cover these scars, she wore the ribbons on the affected areas. She escaped from the hospital and she continued to allow herself to be abused by becoming a prostitute that was for the wealthy pedophiles. When she was arrested by the police for prostitution, she kept her child facade up and she was sent to an orphanage where she tricked a family into adopting her. Eventually, she tried to seduce the adoptive father. When that failed, she killed him and his family and she burned the house down. She escaped from Estonia and she headed to the United States where she used the falsified documents to pose as a 9 year old Russian girl named Esther. Leena ended up in St. Cabrini's Home for Girls where she was adopted.

In an earlier draft of the script, the Colemans are in the process of adopting another child named Yolanda from the orphanage when they got to meet Esther. However, on the day that Yolanda was supposed to come home with them, she was found dead in a closet that was from a game that went wrong. It was implied that Esther killed her.

The Colemans decided to adopt Esther as she appeared to be a charming and well-mannered girl despite her difficulties to social inclusion and conformation with being different. At first, the Colemans adored Esther. They accepted her as one of the family and they gave her affection, but when things went haywire in school, the socially awkward Leena intentionally harmed a bully. Soon after, Leena began to reveal her dark and mean-spirited nature. Kate Coleman quickly caught on to Leena's manipulative behavior and violent actions while her husband remained oblivious and ignorant about them. It became an uphill battle for Kate who was doing anything that she could to protect her family from Leena Klammer.

That night, Leena tried to seduce a drunken John who finally realized that Kate was right, and he told her angrily that he would call Sister Judith the next day to send her back to the orphanage. This had the effect of disturbing Leena by making it clear to her that her plan had failed and she was rejected again. However, when Kate was recovering from her sedation, she received a call from a doctor at the Saarne Institute who revealed Leena's true identity. She had hypopituitarism, which was a condition that atrophied her physical growth and she was more likely to go through with a little girl. The doctor told Kate that Leena was extremely violent. She killed seven people the Institute knew and she received scars on her wrists and neck that she always kept covered in her repeated attempts to escape a straitjacket that she was kept confined to. What was among her victims was a family who adopted her in Estonia, whom she killed because her father rejected her sexual advances and whose house she set on fire.

Leena flew into a rage after being spurned by John and she ransacked her room. Then, after removing the makeup, false teeth and body wrappings that enhanced her illusion as a child, Leena stabbed John to death with a knife and she left him there. Max witnessed this and she hid. Kate who was unable to get John on the phone rushed home and she found him dead. Leena got a gun from John's safe, shot Kate in the arm and she went searching for Max by finding her in the greenhouse. While Leena was shooting at Max, Kate crawled onto the greenhouse's roof, broke through the glass above Leena and she landed on her by knocking her out. Kate took the gun and she left the greenhouse with Max.

Leena regained consciousness and she found Kate and Max outside near a frozen pond. Leena lunged at Kate by knocking the gun out of Kate's hand and hurling them onto the ice. As Max watched from a hill that was above, she picked the gun up and she tried to shoot Leena, but her shot shattered the ice instead by causing Kate and Leena to drop into the water. After a brief struggle, Kate partially climbed out of the pond with Leena who was desperately clinging to her leg. Leena who was hiding a knife behind her back and reverting to her little-girl persona begged Kate not to let her die. Kate angrily responded that she was not her mother and she kicked Leena in the face. This broke Leena's neck by killing her instantly and it sent her sinking back into the pond. The police met Max and Kate moments later.

In the film's alternate ending, Leena went back inside the house as the police searched for her. She calmly applied her makeup to her heavily wounded face and she tried to recreate herself as a young girl. As the police barged in, she happily greeted them at the stairs with her face that was still bleeding and worn out and she curtsied in front of them by introducing herself as Esther once again.